Thursday, 2 May 2019


Scott Lang is in the working life of the Ant-Man. He has the gift to dilute himself. And he's one of the funniest in the Marvel Wonder series. But it was not that he survived the nihilistic cut of Thanos. Scott Lang was at a crucial moment just elsewhere. Time wise. The drowning of a rat wakes him up, and so he is now for a moment on both sides of the story - gone, but found again. Mourning and Bierwampe He encounters colleagues who are all engaged in mourning work in different ways: Iron Man Tony Stark has taken his leave with Pepper Potts and his little daughter, Black Widow is holding the office miserably, and Thor is in the hamlet of New Asgard a Bierwampe increased. Hulk is most likely to cope with the new, halved world - he now stands by his giant's body

. Despite the temptation to hang himself, the superhero warriors can not let Thanos win. For a big Easter miracle, however, there is only one strategy that Hollywood has pretty much teased off: back to the future? Traveling back in time, the Avengers think of more classic movie classics like Hot Tub Time Machine. It is the tinkerer Tony Stark who finally decides to try this way: A "time heist" is planned, a raid across the dimensions and Kompossibilitäten in which Scott Lang has been waiting for the rat.

The goal is to get the Infinity Stones before she gets Thanos to complete the deadly glove. "We are Avengers, not revengers", it is said in between, but in this case, it is actually about preventive history. Disgusting, but convincing The Stones and Gloves thing now sounds a bit like a quirky mix of fantasy and action after a Harry Potter remix with quantum quests. In fact, in Avengers: Endgame, one thing after the other is always very convincing. The well-proven directors Anthony and Joe Russo patiently collect the remaining characters based on a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, including the "new girl" Captain Marvel, here with a new hairstyle. For two hours, Avengers: Endgame is a character drama with a cautious joke.

 The first climax comes when Captain America and Iron Man take a turn off their loop on a US Army base in New Jersey in the 1970s. From now on, improvisation will take place. The whole idea of ​​the journey through time has a deeper meaning because the Marvel Cinematic Universe can once again rattle off the stages of its creation. Quite without postmodern irony, but from a spirit of genuine self-revision, Avengers encounter earlier egos: one even thinks of recognizing earlier CGI layers, not just temporal but also virtual dimensions. Nuanced and cleverly put together But what convinces in this keystone to a large ensemble expansion above all, is the figure drawing: The three-hour narrative time is well laid out because they also serve to bring nuanced characters into exciting circumstances (and in oblique worlds). And when Thanos finally wants to revert to his wrong creativity, he actually faces a global society - and you also notice how much identity politics has changed in the years since 2008 (when the first Iron Man came out). Who would have missed this time in a quantum hole, would be a lot to marvel. More pleasure (and a few wistful knots in the throat) makes Avengers: Endgame but as a deliberately reproduced, creative sum of many idea atoms, which are cleverly put together here -

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